Luxury Beachfront Boutique Villas in Galle, Southern Coast of Sri Lanka

Luxury Villas in Galle

Spend Your Holiday at the Luxury Villas in Galle

The city of Galle claims to own a prestigious part of the history of Sri Lanka. Being located in the down south of the country now it has turned out to be a major tourist attraction in Sri Lanka.

Galle is famous for the fort which was found by the Portuguese and holds the remains of the architecture which reflects the Portuguese, Dutch and British rule.  Many locals and foreigners visit the city for their holidays and for leisure.  Are you planning to explore the veils of beauty of the city? Need a place which us more alike to your own home? You can find the Royal Indigo villa as one of the most luxurious villas in Galle which is a perfect country house that suits you during your stay in the city. The villa which is designed by a local architect exhibits its traditional Sri Lankan look.

Luxuries of the Royal Indigo villa

The Royal Indigo villa is one of the newest luxury villas in Galle, which is just designed to suit your own needs. If you are to stay in the villa then you can enjoy both Sunrises and Sunsets from all the major rooms, verandas and the pool. The villa itself is a place that permits you to grasp the moments of beauty in Galle. The location of the villa is more convenient since it is a short drive of less than 15 minutes to the Galle Fort which enables you to reach the extensive city limits. Luxury is not only for namesake, the villa has its own private swimming pool, a king size master bedroom with all facilities, a chef of your own and verandas with a good natural lighting. Visit us and experience it all for yourself and I doubt that you will not want to leave.